Ko-Falen Cultural Center

End-Of-Year Donation/Raffle!

Yes, I would like to make a donation to the Ko-Falen Cultural Center! Online and Mail-in donations must be received by 5 PM Jan 5, 2019

For each 25$ donation you will receive 1 raffle entry limited to 300 raffle entries. Raffle will take place and winner will be notified Jan 6, 2019. Look for winner announcements on our website.

You may mail a check (made out to Ko-Falen) to Ko-Falen Cultural Center, 1424 SE Oak, Portland, OR 97214 or use the form below to make your donation. You will receive an email confirmation of your online donation from PayPal.

Purchase tickets for the Ko-Falen end of year raffle using PayPal

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    $1000:40 raffle tickets
    $500:20 raffle tickets
    $200:8 raffle tickets
    $100:4 raffle tickets
    $50:2 raffle tickets
    $25:1 raffle ticket
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