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(10801) Omega, 60 Years and the silver screen

(10802) Western Clocks in China - The History of the Imperial Clock Collection from a Chinese point of view

(10803) One Time Zone for All
    Author: Disher Mike :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 114-115
    Comments and/or Abstract > An article about the website timezone.com

(10804) Omegamania - An Interview between Osvaldo Patrizzi and AUgusto Veroni
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(10805) Oudin - A horological dynasty closely linked to Breguet
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(10806) Sonnerie Souveraine [The...] - Grand-Strike Clockwatch and Minute Repeater
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(10807) Out of the Deep - The previousky unknown history of Britains's WWII Panerai
    Author: Dowling James :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 132-137
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