Harbor and Home - Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts 1710-1850 :: Number of documents found: 5

(13847) An Introduction to Southeastern Massachusetts and its Furniture

(13848) Shaped by the Sea: Cabinetmaking in Southeastern MAssachusetts

(13849) Clockmaking in Southeastern Massachusetts - The Bailey Family of Hanover
    Author: Sullivan Gary R. :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 39-44
    Comments and/or Abstract > A major scholarly essay in a Winterthur Museum exhibit catalog on clcokmaking in Southeastern Mass. with a particular emphasis on the oeuvre and production of the Bailey dynasty of Clockmakers in Hanover Mass. Illustrated with portrait showing John BAiley III, and a family tree.

(13850) G.K. Hadfield - Catalogue - 106 items (includes 22 clocks No. 83 to 106)
    Author: Miscalleaneous, :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 45-330
    Comments and/or Abstract > Detailed illustrated descriptions of the 106 pieces (including 22 tall case clocks) exhibited. The clock section of te catalog is 88 pages. Each clock has multiple images, virtually always including cross references to other similar clocks by the same maker located at other museums and or private collections. Makers include Johh Bailey II, John Bailey III (=John BAiley Jr.), Calvin Bailey, Walter Folger, Samuel Rogers, Joseph Gooding, Joshua Wilder, Stephen Taber, Josiah Wood, Abner Pitts, Ezra Kelley, Allen Kelley, Charles BAbitt, Caleb Leach,

(13851) Appendix: Southeastern Massachisetts Cabinetmakers and Clockmalers 1710-1850 [A Directory]
    Author: Sullivan Gary R. :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 332-396
    Comments and/or Abstract >