Horological Journal [1986-1988] - The official Organ of the British Horological Institute, :: Number of documents found: 4

(8068) The Dynadromic Free Pendulum

(8092) Pendulum magnetic escapement: A winner in the 1985 competition

(8133) One second in 100 days
    Author: Woodward, Philip :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): 1987 nov :: Pages: 20-22
    Comments and/or Abstract > What does it take to be "1 second in a hundred days"

(17728) Harrison Regulator for the Gurney Clock [The]
    Author: Burgess Martin :: July Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 20 - 22
    Comments and/or Abstract > Martin's comments about the details of the initial Gurney clock