Masterpieces from the Time Museum, Dec. 2, 1999 New York :: Number of documents found: 42

(9496) Breguet, no. 3862, started in 1821-1824, finished in 1965-1968, a gold astronomical watch with moon face and solar time, diameter 61 mm

(13863) Duc d'Orleans Sympathyque clock with its original watch, Breguets Nos. 128 and 5009, ca 1835, ormolu mounted red boulle case quarter striking clock

(13865) Antide Janvier : a Directoire calendar regultor, in an ormolu mounted parquetry case, Paris, ca. 1800, with world-dial
    Author: Janvier, Antide :: 66 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 250
    Comments and/or Abstract > JANVIER clock sold 1999 by Sothebey's New York for the Time Museum

(13862) Henry Graves Supercomplication: Patek Philippe & Co. Geneva, no. 198385, started in 198, completed in 1932
    Author: Philippe Patek :: 7 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 56-75
    Comments and/or Abstract > When made the most complicated watch ever created, When sold in 1999 at Sothebys NY the most expensive pocket watch ever sold at auction, 20 compliations including star chart, sunrise, suset, sideral hours and minutes, equation of time, cronograph alarm, sriking,

(13864) Thomas Tompion No. 381, a gilt brass mounted red tortoise shell grande sonnerie and quarter repeating table clock, London, circa 1705
    Author: Tompion, Thomas :: 81 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 286-290
    Comments and/or Abstract > Tompion 381 sold at auction 1999 by Sotheby's New York for the Time Museum Rockford (estimate US$500-700'000

(8940) Henry Graves Supercomplication; Patek Philippe & Co., Geneve, no. 198385, started 1923, completed 1932
    Author: Patek Philippe SA, :: Lot 07 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 054-77
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory Nr. 4443

(9464) Barraud, Cornhill, London, No.180, 1818, a gold pocket chronometer
    Comments and/or Abstract > with bi-metallic compensatoon balance, blued steel helical balance spring, cock engraved with grotesque maqsk, white enamel dial, roman numerals, subsidiary seconds in increments of 4 seconds (beating 2/5th), in polished consular case, dial and movement signed, case hallmarked, movement possibly started earlier by Jamison

(9485) Pennington, London, no. 117/511, 1808; a large gold pair cased five minute repeating a toc pocket chronometers. diameter 65mm
    Author: Pennington Robert :: Lot 09 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 082-83
    Comments and/or Abstract > blued steel helical hairspring, diamond endstone, free sprung dumb five minute repeater by depressing the pendent, white enamel dial, roman numerals, subsidiary seconds at 6. Time Museum Inventrory No. 1140

(9487) William Hardy, London, no. 597/606, 1818; a gold pocket chronometer, diameter 61 mm, 18k
    Author: Hardy William :: Lot 10 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 084-85
    Comments and/or Abstract > the balance cock engraved with DS and the motto "Honi soit qui mal y pense"(Order of the Garter), diamond endstone,bi-metallic compensation balance with wedge weights and brass quarter screws, helical blued steel hairspring, white enamel regulator dial

(9486) Grant, Fleet Street, London, no. 2205, 1786; a large gold pocket chronometer with regulator dial
    Author: Grant John :: Lot 11 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 086-87
    Comments and/or Abstract > 63mm diameter, going barrel woulkd by key in gold sleve, three arm bimetallic compensation ballance, with wedge weights and steel timing screws, heelical blued steel hairspring, free sprung, the plates partly engraved, , white enamel rgulator dial, signed on plate and dial

(9488) Josiah Emery, Charing Crfoss, London, no. 9(?)88; a gold pocket chronometer, 54 mm diameter
    Author: Emery Joshia :: Lot 12 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 088-89
    Comments and/or Abstract > with LATER Emery's double S bi-metallic compensation balance, with heavy gold compensation nuts and timing screws, bridge also LATER, thge backplate fitted with a silver and blued steel rack and pinion no longer attached, free sprung helical blued hairspring, diamond endstone. With RESTORED white enamel dial, consular case hallmarked London 1784, CAsemaker VAlentine Walker

(9490) Large silver-metal demonstration watch with mean solar, sideral and mean lunar time, Cole London, ca. 1830, diameter 13,6 cm
    Author: Cole, James Ferguson :: Lot 13 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 090-91
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventrory No. 1867, the three movements all fixed to the dial plate, silvered matte dial, with three sunk subsidiary dials for dor solar, lunar and sideral seconds, the outer chapter ring for 24h time, rgulator for all 3 movements at edge of dial, accompanied by a brass banded and handled mahagonny travel box with observation lid

(9465) Gilt-brass demonstration timepiece with constant force coup perdu escapement, Duval dated "AN 6"(=1797/8)
    Author: Duval :: Lot 14 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 092-93
    Comments and/or Abstract > Movement with massive spring barel, coup perdu constant force escapement mounted on top plate, the large balance wheel pendent from a wire suspension, running in two sets of rollaer bearings. Two balance springs in opposition to each other, gridiron temperature compensation, beating seconds, releasing alternate seconds, , plain guilt case

(8941) Paul Ditisheim, La Chaux de Fonds No. 16639, 1903-13; a gold, hunter cased minute tourbillion
    Author: Ditisheim, Paul :: Lot 15 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 094-95
    Comments and/or Abstract > Ditisheim, Time Museum Inventory No.1609

(9491) Elicott: a massive, silver pair case minute repeating coach watch, London 1757, diameter 18cm
    Author: Ellicott John :: Lot 16 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 096-99
    Comments and/or Abstract > the balance bridge pierced and engraved, diamond endstone, seperate minute repeating barrel, repeat by chain pull at 6

(9492) Silver coach watch with pirouette escapement and sweep seconds, John Russell, Falkirk, no.1, 1796, diameter 122 mm
    Author: Russell John :: Lot 17 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 100
    Comments and/or Abstract > diamond endstone, pirouett escapement, seconds beating balance

(9466) Breguet no. 4270, 1825; a gold quarter repeating, grand sonnerie clockwatch
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory A365, silver engine turned dial, blued steel moon-style (Breguet type) hands, originally sold 1825 to Suzanne de Breuate for 3500 Francs

(9494) Breguet, No. 4326, ca. 1825, a gold half-quarter repeating watch, with lever escapement and calendar, diameter 52mm
    Comments and/or Abstract > bi-metallic compenstion balance, repeat activated by plunder in the pendent, gold cuvette with enameled dial (hairline cracks) roman numerals, a pair of subsidiary dials indicating calendar and constant seconds, bluued steel moon style hands, dial and cuvette signed Breguet, casemakers mark MAB, Breguet short gold chain, gold ratchet key, in a red leather Breguet Box numbered no.4326

(9495) Breguet, no. 2555, started in 1809 and sold 1841; a silver and gold four minute tourbillon with chronometer escapement and regulator dial, diameter 66
    Comments and/or Abstract > reverse fusee, with Harrison maintaining power, 21600 Hz, offset center arbor, three armed blued steel and white compensating balance with platinum and gold screws, silver cuvette, silver engine turned dial, with eccentric chapter ring with seconds below, case stampe B2553 and casenumber 3043 with casemaker mark PBT , withy fitted numbered 2555 leather box, accompanied by certificate

(8942) Duc d'Orleans Sypathique clock with its original watch, Breguet, nos. 128 & 5009, ca. 1835
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory Nr. 355 The watch is wound daily by the clock, and the watch is set and synchronised with and by clock daily automatically,and it is regulated 9adjusted by the clock) making it the most complex known Breguet sympathique; original price when made 10'000 francs, made by Winnerl, Charles Couete, D.Lebrun(escapement), one of 11 known sympathique clocks

(9472) George Margetts, London No. 1, 1778; a gold and enamel pair case astronomical watch with astrolabe dial
    Author: Margetts George :: Lot 44 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 180-185
    Comments and/or Abstract > tangent regulator; astronomical dial with outline constellations in sterographic projection, stars marked by gold points, surrounded by a zodiac calendar ring, above the dial fixed golden horizon grid, center of dial mean time, moons age and tide dials, the outer case enameled with a portrait of the muse of astronomy (Urania) hallmarked London 1778, with watchpaper tracing provenance to Baron W. Rothchild died 1923

(9467) Gothic iron chamber clock, Ulrich and Andreas Liechti, WInterthur, Switzerland, dated 1593, 40cm high
    Author: Liechti Andreas :: Lot 45 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 192-193
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory 2060, lower strap signed and dated 15VA*L93 , REPLACED painted canopy with guilt flower heads

(9497) Renaissance gilt-brass hexagonal tabel clock with alarm, Frenchy mid 16thy century, height 14 cm
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory No. 1071, tall slim brass fusee for the going train, on the upper tier with verge and balance escapement, the lower tier with steel balluster pillars, brass going barrels for the strike and alarm, iron cou ntwheel and winding squares on the underside, top mounted bell monted on six arm spider, the case with pierced dome, finials and masks LATER, above a pierced frieze,

(9498) Renaissance guilt brass steel and silver circular tabel clock with sundial, the Clock by Hans Koch, the sundial by Marcus Purmann Munich
    Comments and/or Abstract > Alarm dial on dome, lunar date ring and lunar phase aperature, aspectarium, the movement with gilt brass plates, open springs, verge and balance escapement, numbered count wheel and depthing dial on backplate,stackfreed, the interior of the caseback a sundial with folding gnomen,

(9499) David Buschmann: a table clock movement with retrograde hour hand and mounted with a sundial, Augsburg late 17th century,
    Author: Buschmann David :: Lot 49 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 200-201
    Comments and/or Abstract > the gilt dial plate mounted with silver hours sector, with fly back blue steel hand, and flower pierced and engraved folding gnomen, with plumb weight. qith three subsidiary dials, for minutes, day of week (with diety) and day of month enclosing lunar date ring and lunar aperture. the movement signed David Buschmann Aug, with gilt trapezoidal plates, 2x12 outside numbered countwheel, verge escapement with REINSTATED balance, fusee for the going train, CALENDER DIALS NOW SET BY HAND

(9475) Johannes van Ceulen; a quarter repeating tabel clock, the movement The Hague cica 1680, now mounted in a later ebony case with silver mounts and dial
    Author: vanCeulen, Johannes :: Lot 51 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 206-207
    Comments and/or Abstract > verge escapement with cycloidal cheeks, silk suspension, pierced brass striking gates, vertical hammer, pull repeating on two bells, the backplate signed Johannes van Ceulen Fecit Hagae mounted with a flower-pierced numbered countwheel and with similar mounts flanking the cock. 4 3/4 inch silver champleve dial. LATER ripple moulded architectual oak case profusely decorated with LATER cast, chased and repousse silver mounts of German workmanship, surmounted by figure of CHronos with eternity snake. 68 cm high.

(9476) Gilt-brass and gilt-copper automaton quarter striking Gambrinus chariot clock, probably Augsburg ca. 1600
    Comments and/or Abstract > silver dial, the two striking train and the automaton train with opoen springs and outside numbered countwheels, operating 12 aqutomaton features , the elaborate case in the form of a chariot surmounted by cupid, higfht 53 cm, Time Museum Inventory 1475

(9474) Gilt bronze calendar mantel clock, Charles Oudin, Paris, ca. 1865, visible coup perdu escapement, center seconds
    Author: Oudin Charles :: Lot 59 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 230
    Comments and/or Abstract > additional dials: day of month, day of year, annular celendar sector with equation of time, 24 h dial, ball moon, tides . Oudin was a pupil of Breguet

(9473) Breguet No. 1829; a gilt brass grand-sonnerie repeating carriage clock with alarm, Paris ca. 1900, 16cm high
    Author: Breguet, :: Lot 60 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 231
    Comments and/or Abstract > club tooth lever escapement, movement no. 15242, Dial signe Breguet No. 1829, two gongs, handle with lion mask terminals

(8947) Robin; an ormolu, mean and solar month-going mantel regulator with remontoire, Paris, dated 1778
    Author: Robin :: Lot 63 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 234-238
    Comments and/or Abstract > five pillar movement signed Robin A Paris, concealed winding squares, two interconnected spring barrels, knif edge suspension, gridiron pendulum, with enameal painting (girl on swing) signed Coteau 1778.Equation kidney and calendar work between front plate and dial.

(9477) Ormolu mounted marble mantel clock with Chevalier de Bethume escapement, by Julien Le Roy, Paris ca. 1775, ca 46 cm high
    Author: LeRoy Julien :: Lot 63 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 233
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time museum Inventory 555, outside num bered countwheel, with silk suspension, deum case, six marble pillars, surmounted by Cupid

(8946) Antide Janvier; a pair of armillary-form astronomical timepieces, Paris 1796
    Author: Janvier, Antide :: Lot 65 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 244-249
    Comments and/or Abstract > almost identical copies of pair of instruments demonstrated by Janvier to Louis XVI on 24 April 1784, and bought by the king for the library in Versailles, who disapeared in 1789. Present pair COULD be same instruments on new bases and renumbered. Planetarium with 6 planets. Time Museum Inventory No. 1207 and 1208, earlier Lord Harris Collection Belmont UK

(8945) Antide Janvier; a Directoire calendar regulator; in an ormolu mounte parquetry cas, Paris ca. 1800
    Author: Janvier, Antide :: Lot 66 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 250-254
    Comments and/or Abstract > 7 subsidiary dials around main (1. day of week, 2. day of month, 3.leap year, 4. agte and phase of mmon,5.revolutionary date, 6. revoliutionairy month, 7. revolutionary weekday), two large surmounted dials (top: years, lower: worldtime, 15 day train, seconds pendulum, brass rod and bob. Time Museum Inventory No. 148.

(8944) Ferdinand Berthoud; a mahogany month-going longcase regulator with detent escapement, Paris, dated 1809
    Author: Berthoud, Ferdinand :: Lot 67 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 254-255
    Comments and/or Abstract > silvered chapter ring, jeweled escapement, endless cord drive, gridiron pendulum

(9478) Large red Boulle quarter striking tabel clock with barometer by T. Hommet, Paris, cica 1715, 117 cm high
    Author: Hommet T. :: Lot 71 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 261-262
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory No. D 1019. Outside, numbered uncut countwgheels, well pierced blue steel striking gate, three top mounted bells and LATER anchor escapement and suspension, the straight sided case veneered with red stained tortoise shell inlaid with finely cut brass scolls and flowerheads, surmounted by the figure of Chronos on a Ball, on an itegral plinth incorporating a mercury barometer with demi-moon dial

(9479) Month going gilt-brass mounted coromandel calendar mantle timepiece, attributed to Thomas Cole, circa 1860, height 45cm
    Author: Cole Thomas :: Lot 74 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 274-275
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory 3631, thermometer, up/dpwn hand. substantial split plate movement, fusee and chain, deadbeat escapement outside the backplate, surmounted by a guilt-brass Sphynx

(9500) Charles Clay No.57; a silver pair cased watch and quarter repeating watch mechanism in miniture ebony veneered mantel clock case, London ca. 1740
    Author: Clay Charles :: Lot 76 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 278
    Comments and/or Abstract > simarly signed moveent no. 57, with baluster pillars, verge and balance escapement, case makers mark TP, the pull wind repeating mechanism sounding on a bell, contained in a miniature broken arch ebony case

(9483) Christopher Gould; a grand sonnerie, japanned lingcase clock, Londoin circa 1690, 241 cm high, 11 1/4 inch dial
    Author: Gould, Christopher :: Lot 77 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 279
    Comments and/or Abstract > ringed winding apertures, strike silent lever above 12, repeat not-repeat lever by 9, six ring turned pillar movement, rack and snail striking, chiming on 8 nested bells, with a further 5 1/2 inch cast hour bell, the hood with stepped domed caddy and two turned brass ball finials above fretwork the whole decorated with gilt chinoiseries upon simulated tortoiseshell.

(9482) John Williamson; a walnut year-going longcase clock with full hour striking and quarter repeating, Leeds, circa 1690, 232 cm high
    Author: WIlliamson John :: Lot 78 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 280-281
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory No.717, substantial movement with two steel braces reinforcing the lower front and back plates, with four knopped pillars, reversed trains of six wheels, the fifth wheel and escape wheel mounted in a subframe, the strike with inside rack and the upper train wheels mounted in a second subframe, pull quarter repeating, on two bells with a further bell for the hour, the case with a naively carved cherup cresting with three giltwood ball finials above a moulded cornice, and a REPLACED frieze fret.

(9481) Ellicot; a green and guilt japanned astronomical chiming tabel clock, London circa 1760; 82 cm high
    Author: Ellicott John :: Lot 79 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 282-283
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory No. A586, times of sunrise and sunset throughout year, and the suns declination. The three train fusee movement with six knopped pillars, verge escapement with bob pendulum, chiming the quarters on eight bells and striking on an additional bell, dial and backplate signed Ellicot London. Phirical driven moon on top of case,

(9480) Joseph Knibb; an ebony grand sonnerie tabel clock, London cica 1675; 26 cm high
    Author: Knibb Joseph :: Lot 80 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 284-285
    Comments and/or Abstract > the quarters train and the going train with tandem drive from a spring barrel, verge escapement with bob pendulum, signed dial and backplate "Joseph Knibb Londini fecit", with Phase One case with shallow dome, brass carrying handle and ball finials, Time Museum inventory 2525

(8943) Thomas Tompion No. 381; a gilt brass mounted red tortoise shell grande sonnerie and quarter repeating tabel clock; London ca. 1705
    Author: Tompion, Thomas :: Lot 81 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 286-291
    Comments and/or Abstract > with guilt figure of Apollo on top, one of less then 20 spring driven grande sonneries by Tompoion, one of three known in tortoiseshell (others are nos 422 and 436)