[S-2004-10-14-NYC] Masterpieces from The Timemuseum, Part Four - Volume 2 :: Number of documents found: 4

(13859) Full size working replica of John HArrisons first sea clock H1

(13860) Historically important and early Marine Timekeeper with constant force escapement, Mudge Green , started 1776 completed 1779

(13854) Bronze Mechanical Eqinoctial [Helio-Chronometer]
    Comments and/or Abstract > Time Museum Inventory no. 1292, made ca 1912: A precision sundial with mechanical equation of time correction, readable in zone time to the minute, as per British Patent Spec No. 15914

(13855) Alluminum Equinoctial Legal Time Dial, French ca. 1950 - Le Cadran Solaire HELIOS
    Author: Bobin Marcel :: 800 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 294
    Comments and/or Abstract > Lot 800: A ca. 1950 French equinoctial sundial on tripod metal base, Time Museum Inventory 3368 in fitted original wooden case with instruction booklet