[C-2005-03-11-Lon] Albert Odmark Collection [The…] of Important Clocks and Watches :: Number of documents found: 4

(8741) ca. 1730 Walnut month going longcase with grasshoper escapement by Vuillamy

(8742) ca.1690 Ebony and gilt metal mounted three-train quarter striking small tabel clock

(8743) ca.1685 Walnut and Cariniana wood, monthgoing roman striking longcase with 1.25sec pendulum
    Author: Knibb, Joseph :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): 450 :: Pages: 242
    Comments and/or Abstract > sold for 243'ooo UKP, Odmark bought 1965 from Robert Lee

(8744) ca. 1773 Highly complicated quarter striking automaton skelton clock with remontoire and calendar
    Author: Sarton, Hubert :: Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): 375 :: Pages: 166
    Comments and/or Abstract > 2004 sold for UKP 114'000