The Breguet 3 wheel clock material here is images for HSN 2010-1 + images of various Breguet 3 wheel clocks in museum collections - photos by Bob Holmstrom - note x/y scale of photos still needs to be corrected.

(Cover photo in color, no caption)
(Back 3/4 view of clock, no caption)
Two plates taken from the Journal Suisse de lÕhorlogerie, pages 173 and 174, 1891-1892.
Hour wheel drum.
Minutes dial.
View of the escapement.
Upper part of the clock with its counterweight poised on the bimetallic [beam] and the graduated sector indicating the variation in temperature. (Two photos)
View of the calendar [dial].
Details of the cam and the levers of the Equation of Time. (Two photos)
[Upper] Detail of the days of the week. [Lower] Upper part with the two weights.