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Philip Woodward's W5 on CD

Compiled for the Horological Science Chapter #161 of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors by Bob Holmström

(This information may be copied but reference and credit must be made to the original creators of the material in this document)

This CD was created in order to provide as much information as possible about Philip Woodward's clock W5. W5 was described in Philip's book - My Own Right Time published by Oxford University Press in 1995. The material on this CD is an attempt to provide further information - It is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate but instead is a "best guess" based on drawings, sketches, and a computer CAD model. Work has begun on several versions of W5 and this material may be updated as required. Please keep me informed as to any progress duplicating or expanding on the W5 concept - Bob Holmström (holmstro @ gmail.com)

The CD contains the following information:

At fresh look at W5 - Horological Science Newsletter - 2001-2

A summary of material published in the Horological Journal starting in February 2004.

HSN Series on W5 - Documents are in Microsoft Word with drawings inserted as jpegs. Originally published in the Horological Science Newsletter - published and unpublished corrections to the material as of March 1, 2004 have been incorporated in the articles rather than as separate items.

Philip Woodward's Drawings of W5 - scanned images

Philip Woodward's instructions for W5 - scanned images jpeg format

Photos of W5 - jpeg format

CAD images of W5 model created by Bob Holmström - jpeg format

Clocks Magazine article on W5 - scanned images - January 1986 pages 47-50, February 1986 pages 47-50. Thank you to John Hunter at Clocks Magazine for permission to include on this CD

Philip Woodward's Web Files - contains html files from Philip's web site WWW.fionnay.ukgateway.net {website no longer available in 2022}

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