#1 - A Role for the Computer in Horological Science? A Case Study in Escapement TheoryJ. B. Edwards2019-2/33
#2 - A Role for the Computer in Horological Science? A Case Study in Escapement Theory: Amplitude ConsiderationsJ. B. Edwards2019-2/325
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A Little MistakeCasson, Henry2011-419
A Little MoreEmmerson, Alan2009-12
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A Reply to CriticsHobden, M.K.2017-221
A reply to les Pook's boat rockingEmmerson, Alan2004-416
A Response to Jonathan BettsHaine, John2012-520
A Rudimentary Treatise.....Irving, Roger2006-324
A Shortt Lesson in Allan Deviation (Tides, part 2)Van Baak, Tom2008-42
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A Spreadsheet Demo of Brocot?s MethodCasson, Henry2011-325
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A useful online resource for sundial creationHolmstrom, Bob2004-518
A visit to Father O?Leary?s ClockHolmstrom, Bob2019-13
Abbot Richard?s Astronomical Gears - Part. IIWhite, Graham2006-42
Abbot Richard?s Astronomical Gears. Part.White, Graham2006-32
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Another Look at the SH41 DataAgnew, Duncan2018-52
Another Look at the Text Behind North's and Bender's Reconstructions of Wallingford's Eclipse MechanismMacMillan, David2006-410
Another Response to Carlo G. CroceTaylor, Snowden2004-518
Answer to crossing out questionPook, Les P2004-224
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Anti-friction Wheel Pendulum supportHolmstrom, Bob2008-328
Antikythera Failure Modes and EffectsWhite, Graham2015-116
Antikythera RevisitedWhite, Graham2008-114
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Appendix 1: State- & Driving- Transition Matrix ElementsJ. B. Edwards2019-2/354
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Applying the Pendulum ControllerHansen, Jim2014-512
Approach to a Numerical Analysis of Pendulum LossesBoucheron, Pierre1994-413
Arnfield's Lifting LeverFritz, Norman2001-18
Atmos Clock, Ethyl Chloride as the Bellows GasMartt, Ernest1998-316
Author Index to HSN through issue 2003-5Holmstrom, Bob2003-515
Back issue CD and W5 CD informationCasson, Henry2006-22
Bailey free pendulum clock in Horological JournalMartt, Ernest1993-52
Barometric compensation of a Crossed Spring SuspensionMatthys, Bob2000-16
Beat and Rate Relationships for Pendulum ClocksWalker, Jerry1993-415
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Behavior of the Self Excited Oscillator Hobden, M.K.2012-317
Beryllium Copper ? Be AwareMatthys, Bob2017-226
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Bio & Rock the BoatWale, Ted2001-110
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BiographyViglione, Dominic1995-42
BiographyBigelow, Ned1995-52
BiographyHeldman, Alan1995-52
BiographyPritchard, Wilber1995-52
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BiographyEdwards, Evan1996-12
BiographyFriedenthal, Ken1996-12
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BiographyIrving, Roger1996-210
BiographyKelley, C. Stuart1996-32
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BiographyHall, Edward T.1996-42
BiographyPaton, Leslie1996-42
Bob Mathys - ObituaryChristenson, Tracy2020-432
Book ReviewBigelow, Ned1996-25
Book Review by Fortunat Mueller-Maerki - The Most Important Clock in America. The David Rittenhouse Astronomical Musical Clock at Drexel University, By Ronald R. HoppesMueller-Maerki, Fortunat2011-126
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Brief History of Two-PendulumAntiquorum2002-27
Brown tumbling pallets, An early reference to theShelley, Fred1994-216
Bulle Isochronism SpringHeckenberg, N.R.1999-56
Bumpy Road to Temperature CompensationMatthys, Bob2000-37
Bush - Jackson Circular Error CorrectorBigelow, Ned2009-328
Calculation of Effect of Moving Small Weight Up and Down on Pendulum RodEdwards, Evan2002-419
Calculation of Gear Trains by Approximation translatedKirk, John G2008-22
Carbon fibre or Kevlar for pendulum rodsBateman, Doug1995-37
Carbon-fiber pendulum rodEdwards, Evan1996-14
Case for the Case - Part OneHeldman, Alan2000-420
Case for the Case - Part TwoHeldman, Alan2000-520
Casting Lead or Lead AlloyDuBois, Andy1994-216
CH F?ry on a similar escapement to that discussed by Walter P. White ? translationHolmstrom, Bob2014-226
Chapter 161 BylawsMartt, Ernest1993-42
Chapter notes by the editorHolmstrom, Bob2017-324
Check your clock against WWVMatthys, Bob1994-217
Checking rates of precision clocksMartt, Ernest1994-12
Chordal Pitch Gearing. Part 2 (conclusion), Harrison'sWale, Ted1997-52
Chordal Pitch Gears as used by John Harrison. Part I of an article on,Wale, Ted1997-414
Christiaan Huygens, the Pendulum and the Cycloid - Author's reply to Comments by Alan HeldmanEmmerson, Alan2005-420
Circular Error and its Reduction by the Use of Permanent MagnetsPipes, Malcolm1999-520
circular error correction devices. Introduction and summary of references to,Holmstrom, Bob1999-52
Circular Error Defeated at lastBoucheron, Pierre1994-13
Circular Error Defeated at lastCain, Dallas1994-13
Circular error of a pendulum on a suspension springWoodward, Philip2001-52
Clarification of the Graphics in my Note Titled The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (in HSN 2000-4 at p.16)Heldman, Alan2000-528
Clarifications for Jonathan BettsBateman, Doug2017-218
Clarifications for Mervyn HobdenBateman, Doug2017-313
Clock and watch timer with Fourier analysisThackery, Steve1998-25
Clock B ? Amplitude Response to Changing Pressure and TemperatureMillington, Andrew2021-12
Clock B ? Amplitude Response to Changing Pressure and TemperatureHaine, John2021-12
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Clock Hydrodynamics?Part II: Determination of the model constants and comments on Clock BDrumheller, Doug2018-42
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Clock Rate ComparisonsBoucheron, Pierre1994-12
Clock Suspensions: Bessel, Harrison Spring, and Rolling-KnifeYates, Philip2015-520
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Clock XI0Drumheller, Doug2018-411
ClockquakesBelleville, Robert L.2000-432
ClockwatcherTekippe, Bernie1996-312
Closer Look At Transient Temperature CorrectionBigelow, Ned1997-216
Comment on "Going Round in Circles"Bigelow, Ned2009-110
Comment on 'Bush-Jackson circular error corrector' in HSN 2009-3Houtman, Hubert2012-330
Comment on Bellville HSN 99-3Heldman, Alan1999-419
Comment on CDROM/web version of HSNHolmstrom, Bob1999-426
Comment on the philosophy of pendulumsRozycki, Carl1999-13
Comments from the editorHolmstrom, Bob2018-322
Comments onHeldman, Alan1999-13
Comments on "Discussion of Recent Articles on Pendulum Support by Bernard Cleyet"Hopkins, Paul2007-428
Comments on Alan Emmerson's Huygens Article Plus Some Perhaps-New Ideas About Huygens' ClocksHeldman, Alan2005-327
Comments on Alan Heldman?s Paper in HSN 2015-3Thackery, Steve2015-42
Comments on Alan Heldman?s Version of History by Douglas S. DrumhellerDrumheller, Doug2014-328
Comments on Chaos TheoryEmmerson, Alan1999-226
Comments on Even Edwards Cross Spring SuspensionBoucheron, Pierre1992-22
Comments on Even Edwards Cross Spring SuspensionMartt, Ernest1992-22
Comments on FrictionPayne, Michael1993-36
Comments on Hobden?s ?Reply to Critics? in HSN 2017-3Haine, John2017-422
Comments on JB Edwards paper on mathematical modellingBateman, Doug2020-329
Comments on John GrassTaylor, Snowden1993-36
Comments on John Haine's HSN 11-3 Article and Harrison's ScienceHobden, M.K.2011-412
Comments on Mervyn Hobden's "The Paper by Haine and Millington HSN 2016 ? 3"Haine, John2016-52
Comments on Mr. D. Bateman?s Article Regarding Q1, and Mr. M. K. Hobden?s RebuttalCleyet, Bernard2015-310
Comments on Oscillator Mechanics by Douglas S. DrumhellerDrumheller, Doug2012-223
Comments on Some Replies to Robert Matthys's QuestionsMatthys, Bob1998-517
Comments on Ted Wale's Fact and FancyBetts, Jonathan2001-15
Comments on the Accuracy of Lunar Gear TrainsKirk, John G2006-125
Comments on the April ArticleTaylor, Snowden1993-39
Comments on the relationship between circular error and escapement errorTekippe, Bernie1994-316
Comments re Alan Heldman?s ?Disturbance of Pendula? Wale, Ted2010-519
Comments re recent HSN articlesBetts, Jonathan2012-132
Comparison of driving weight for some weight-driven clocksMartt, Ernest1996-214
Comparison of James and Leeds on suspension spring stressBigelow, Ned1995-57
Compound cycloidal pendulumWoodward, Philip1999-416
Compound Pendulum Temperature CompensationHolmstrom, Bob2014-230
Compound Pendulums & Floppy BobsMatthys, Bob2005-428
Compression Clamp Attachment to QuartzCain, Dallas1996-511
Computer Aided Design of Harrison Twin Pivot and Twin Balance Grasshopper Escapement GeometriesHeskin, David2013-532
Computer Aided Design of the Harrison Single Pivot Grasshopper Escapement GeometryHeskin, David2012-428
Computerized Synchronization of Clocks Manufactured by the Self Winding Clock Company of New YorkJanoff, Mitch1994-32
Concerning Crossed-Spring PivotsMatthys, Bob1993-35
Contact microphone devices for mechanical watchesThackery, Steve2020-32
Continued Examination of the Tangent Rule and its Development for Rectangular Escapement PulsesJ. B. Edwards2020-314
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Corning's ULE (ultra low expansion) materialMartt, Ernest1996-520
Correctiions to HSN 1994-5Hopkins, Paul1995-12
CorrectionWhitehead, Richard2006-22
CorrectionMatthys, Bob2011-129
Correction to ?The Tangent Rule in Practice?Cima, Pepi2020-41
Correction to Air Density TableFeinstein, George2000-434
Correction to Arnfields Lifting Lever HSN 2001-1Fritz, Norman2001-29
Correction to statements in HSN 2017-2, ?A Reply to Critics?Hobden, M.K.2017-318
Corrections to Extensions to the Smith Method of Amplitude MeasurementHolmstrom, Bob2002-324
corrections to roster + note from Paul Hopkins + Invar book noteHolmstrom, Bob2001-323
Count-Wheels: A Mathematical Problem Arising in HorologyWeintraub, Stephen H.2010-213
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Crossed Spring SuspensionsBateman, Doug1993-414
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Design of a precision mechanical clockSpong, E. David1993-313
Designing the Dead-Beat Escapement On a MS Excel SpreadsheetMartt, Ernest2002-12
Detent escapements, central-impulse pallets, and servo-remontoiresHoutman, Hubert2007-52
Did Riefler Read Eiffel?Heldman, Alan1999-223
Dieter Roess BiographyRoess, Dieter2018-244
Differential theads and wheel crossingsEmmerson, Alan2004-320
Differential Threads for Pendulum Adjustment (with some digressions)Heldman, Alan2004-218
Digital Compensation and Pendulum ClocksVan Baak, Tom2015-122
Discussion of Recent Articles on Pendulum SupportCleyet, Bernard2007-324
Discussion Paper on Electromagnetic DriveWale, Ted1999-228
Display Periods from a Split-Path Epicyclic TrainWhite, Graham2003-53
Display Periods from a Split-Path Epicyclic Train - Part 1White, Graham2003-22
Display Periods from a Split-Path Epicyclic Train - Part 2White, Graham2003-32
Display Periods from a Split-Path Epicyclic Train - Part 3White, Graham2003-47
Disturbance of Pendulums (by impulse and otherwise) Heldman, Alan2010-42
Disturbance of Pendulums ? Q and energy losses Bateman, Doug2010-514
Documents Concerning Thomas Mudge?s Lunar GearWhite, Graham2005-52
Does a clock pendulum have a "sharp resonant peak frequency"?Heldman, Alan2012-12
Does a Pendulum's Axis of Rotation Shift with AmplitudeMatthys, Bob2001-314
Does it matter where you support the bobHolmstrom, Bob2000-319
Does the Suspension spring of a Pendulum Clock Get Stiffer When Bob Mass is IncreasedHeldman, Alan2008-311
Does the X-Pendulum Have a Place in HorologyHolmstrom, Bob2001-25
Domesticating a feral clock, part1Frank, Tom2020-511
Dominion and Dynamic StabilityHobden, M.K.2015-49
Double Spring Suspension DesignWalker, Jerry1994-215
Douglas Bateman's "Timekeeping: a Lifetime's Interest in Horology" a ReviewVan Baak, Tom2021-123
Drawing of Crossed Flex SuspensionEdwards, Evan1992-26
Drop of the Weight vs Ticking of the EscapementRiegel, Pete2005-514
Dual Pendulums- a Comment, an Alternative System, and Gravity Survey PendulumsBateman, Doug1998-42
Early beginnings of the Horological Science Chapter of NAWCC as recalledEdwards, Evan1999-42
Early Epicyclic Maintaining PowerWhite, Graham2004-23
Effect of composer and pallet mass upon grasshopper escapement torque and clock rateMillington, Andrew2017-52
Effect of Humidity on Wood Pendulum RodsHeldman, Alan2000-224
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Effect of Moisture in a Carbon Fiber Pendulum RodEdwards, Evan1996-211
Effect of the Earth's Rotation on the Motion of the Simple PendulumKelley, C. Stuart1996-317
Effect of the Pendulum Rod on QMatthys, Bob1998-47
Effective Length of a Pendulum with Knife Edge SuspensionBigelow, Ned2000-17
Effects of Weather on a Wooden ClockBailey, David2000-22
Efficiency of Mainspring SystemsHarold, Mike1993-312
Electric clock animation software available on CDBosschieter, Ted2002-324
Electrically Reset Gravity Escapement ClockIan Richardson2019-413
Electro-Magnetic Drive correctionBigelow, Ned2007-227
Electro-Magnetic Drive with a More Free Pendulum - Part 2Matthys, Bob2007-12
Electro-Magnetic Drive with a More Free Pendulum ? Part 1Matthys, Bob2006-512
Electro-Optical Components for Pendulum SensorsPrasil, Tony1993-13
Electrolift Pendulum DriveBigelow, Ned2003-18
Electronic Measurement of the Amplitude of Swing of a Clock PendulumHastings, Peter2009-233
Electronic Pendulum Control: The Final FrontierHansen, Jim2014-59
Electronically Driven Shortt ClockMatthys, Bob1993-411
Electrostatic ImpulsingBigelow, Ned1995-26
Elgin Maintaining Power by Seth ThomasWhite, Graham2003-12
Energy analysis of pendulum perturbationsFriedenthal, Ken1996-116
Energy Analysis of Pendulum Perturbations - Part IIFriedenthal, Ken1996-429
English Bobs: A Follow-up Comment to Doug BatemanHeldman, Alan1996-38
English Watches with Robin's EscapementsGanczarczyk, Dr. J.2001-32
Equations for the period of a pendulumLeeds, L. M.1998-311
Equations of motion for the spring suspended pendulumEmmerson, Alan2010-12
Ernie MarttHeldman, Alan2006-53
ErrataEmmerson, Alan1999-426
Errata and Addenda to Muchless Article, HSN 99-3Bigelow, Ned1999-426
Errata-HSN 2000-4 Fact and FancyWale, Ted2000-531
Erratum and Addenda to English Watches with Robin's EscapementGanczarczyk, Dr. J.2001-417
Erratum on compound cycloidal pendulum + Postscript on Aesculus HippocastanumWoodward, Philip1999-532
Escape Wheel SignatureSmith, David J.1997-47
Escapement Error in Intermittently Impulsed PendulmsHaine, John2010-310
Escapement modeling with Working Model 2DHolmstrom, Bob2021-48
Escapement that impulses in one direction onlyLeeseberg, Ken1992-212
Escapement Theory Points Way to Improved TimekeepingEdwards, Evan1994-113
Evaluation of Gravity Interaction Between PendulumsBigelow, Ned2001-42
Evan EdwardsEdwards, Evan2007-22
EverythingHeldman, Alan1999-323
Experimental Concrete BaseScolnik, Bill1997-312
Experimental Concrete Base For Precision ClocksScolnik, Bill1997-23
Experimental results from Evan EdwardsEdwards, Evan1993-54
Experiments with an Arnfield escapementIrving, Roger1998-13
Explanation of my WatchCasson, Henry2008-217
Exploring BuoyancyBelleville, Robert L.2007-23
Extensions to the Smith Method of Amplitude MeasurementHolmstrom, Bob2002-210
Fabrication of Replicas of the three wheel clock of Abraham-Louis Breguet by J. P. Chollet and M. Jean-Michel Piguet Translated by John KirkKirk, John G2010-115
Fact and fallacyWoodward, Philip2005-343
Fact and FancyWale, Ted2000-42
Fasteners For Quartz Pendulum RodsMatthys, Bob1996-52
Father O?Leary?s Free Pendulum Revised Set Up InstructionsBoucheron, Pierre2019-17
Fatigue Failure and Replacement of a MainspringPook, Les P2009-426
Fedchenko AChF-3 Isochronous SuspensionFeinstein, George1997-313
Fedchenko Isochronous Pendulum SuspensionPaton, Leslie1996-422
Fedchenko: Clock or Gravimeter? (Tides, part 5)Van Baak, Tom2013-424
FFT Analysis of Clock Data Using Microsoft ExcelHolmstrom, Bob2001-318
Figures don't lieBigelow, Ned2004-518
Finding a Pendulum's Axis of RotationMatthys, Bob2001-12
Finite Element Analysis of a Fedchenko Type PendulumPook, Les P2002-410
First tunning fork timer?Miles, Bob2002-113
First tunning fork timer?Woodward, Philip2002-113
First tunning fork timer?Bagley, Geoff2002-114
First tunning fork timer?MacMillan, David2002-114
Fixing Brass to QuartzIrving, Roger1996-510
Flicker noise as the arch enemyWoodward, Philip2004-515
Floorboard errors of a standing pendulum clockWoodward, Philip2004-516
Floppy BobsThackery, Steve2004-514
Foliot Pallet Lubrication?Croce, Garlo G.2008-328
Forword to three papers on ?A Role for the Computer in Horological Science?J. B. Edwards2019-2/32
Foucault Experience, A Most GratifyingViglione, Dominic1995-46
Four-Gear Grandfather ClockHoutman, Hubert2002-32
Free access to Royal Society of London ArchivesHolmstrom, Bob2006-430
Free pendulum clock with an electronic slaveWarbey, John1994-42
Fresh Look at W5Woodward, Philip2001-22
Friction in HorologyGrass, John1993-12
Friction in HorologyGrass, John1993-22
Friction in HorologyWillard, Ed1993-24
Friction in HorologyKelley, C Stuart1993-25
Friction in Horology and ElsewhereBigelow, Ned1993-23
Fritz ExperimentWoodward, Philip1996-26
From Riefler and Reynolds via Eiffel to Von KarmenEmmerson, Alan1999-325
Further Historical Performance of Precision Pendulum ClocksHobden, M.K.2020-12
Fused Silica Pendulum RodIrving, Roger1996-28
Fused silica, A supplier forMartt, Ernest1996-518
Gearing of the 1575 Kassel GlobeWhite, Graham2004-53
Gearing of the Strutt and Wigston Skeleton ClockWhite, Graham2002-42
Geometry of the Grasshopper Escapement: A Recalculation of Burgesses Figure 4.Casson, Henry2000-122
Global Positioning System For Horological Timing - Part IUber, Gordon1997-411
Going Round in (Chaotic) Circles + correctionHaine, John2008-523
Going Round in CirclesFergusson, Colin2008-413
Good BehaviorMatthys, Bob2005-42
GPS Receiver to measure precision pendulums. Using a,Mumford, Bryan1999-214
GPS to calibrate to UTC. Using,Uber, Gordon1995-38
Graham White - Epicyclic Gear Documentation projectHolmstrom, Bob2018-110
Graham White - ObituaryHolmstrom, Bob2018-19
Graham White?s Epicyclic Trilogy IntroductionWhite, Graham2019-42
Graphs of coefficient of expansion and stability for fused silica and ULEMartt, Ernest1996-523
Grimthorpe?s Grasshopper?Casson, Henry2006-217
Gulf of California Earthquake of 3 August 2009Walter, David2009-434
Harrison and EnergyEmmerson, Alan2014-42
Harrison Clock ProjectMatthysen, Will2014-513
Harrison Decoded announcementHolmstrom, Bob2020-332
Harrison's Cheeks&Ribbon pendulum suspension greatly differs from a flexure-springDe Marchi, Andrea2021-42
Harrison?s Barometric Compensation - Keeping it Simple: A Description from PracticeBetts, Jonathan2016-443
Heldman's random walkWoodward, Philip2000-511
High Q or low Q ? A specious argumentBateman, Doug2014-330
Hipp Lawyer/HorologistHeldman, Alan1995-39
Horological puzzle Prasil, Tony2010-521
Horological Science ArchivesMueller-Maerki, Fortunat2000-433
Horological Science ArchivesUber, Gordon2000-433
How Big a Kick Should a Healthy Grasshopper Have?Heskin, David2011-35
How good is Airy?Millington, Andrew2021-32
How many teeth should a healthy grasshopper have? Heskin, David2011-22
How precise are opto-interrupters?Haine, John2021-223
HSN Archive ProjectHolmstrom, Bob1999-332
HSN now on CDMartt, Ernest2004-418
HSN RosterHolmstrom, Bob2004-419
HSN Subscription Renewal NoticeSpong, E. David2010-430
HSN Subscription Renewal NoticeSpong, E. David2011-526
HumilityHeldman, Alan2000-321
I Have Spoked!Casson, Henry2002-117
Ideal Pendulum DriveBigelow, Ned1993-31
Ideal Pendulum DriveBigelow, Ned1993-43
Ideal Pendulum DriveBigelow, Ned1994-17
Important Recent Foucault Pendulum ArticlesHolmstrom, Bob2011-129
Impulse and Circular ErrorFriedenthal, Ken1997-26
Impulsing of the Shortt free pendulum ? Philip Woodward replies to Robert MilesWoodward, Philip2005-515
Impulsing the Pendulum: Escapement ErrorsFeinstein, George2005-32
In Memoriam: Bill Givens (1948 ? 2011)Holmstrom, Bob2011-330
In Reply (response to Jonathan Betts)Wale, Ted2001-28
Information on the Koenig/NiaudetPrasil, Tony2002-220
Instability of InvarMatthys, Bob1995-53
Instability of materialsBateman, Doug1996-24
Interference in a Shortt ClockBigelow, Ned2004-322
InternetUber, Gordon1994-52
InternetUber, Gordon1995-42
Internet newsUber, Gordon1996-122
Internet NewsUber, Gordon1996-524
Internet newsUber, Gordon1997-116
Internet NewsUber, Gordon1997-218
Internet reportUber, Gordon1996-32
Introduction to an article by Walter P. WhiteHolmstrom, Bob2014-29
Introduction to the Lego Astronomical ClockStouffer, John2016-22
Introduction to the Longnow Clock ProjectHillis, Danny2000-12
Invariable and Minimum Period PendulumsBateman, Doug1998-57
Investigating the Harrison Pendulum OscillatorHaine, John2016-32
Investigating the Harrison Pendulum OscillatorMillington, Andrew2016-32
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Investigating the Harrison Pendulum Oscillator ? Part 2: Barometric Compensation MethodologyMillington, Andrew2016-42
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Isochronous pendulum lengthWale, Ted1999-529
It's About TimeEmmerson, Alan2006-211
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John Harrison (Part Two) Heldman, Alan2013-38
JOHN HARRISON - First InstallmentHeldman, Alan2013-216
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Just How Good was Fedchenko?s Clock? Agnew, Duncan2020-42
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Letter to Even Edwards re Q versus frequencyBateman, Doug1992-211
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Lip of the Arnfield escapementWoodward, Philip1998-225
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Littlemore ClockHall, Edward T.1996-43
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Magnetic EscapementRainey, Michael1995-35
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Measuring a Clock's Temperature ResponseBelleville, Robert L.2000-39
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Measuring Amplitude, Velocity and QDrumheller, Doug2012-46
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Measuring the Critical Geometric Parameters of a knife-edge BearingMcGurk, Leon H.2000-228
Measuring the Simple Harmonic Motion of a PendulumMumford, Bryan2016-12
Measuring the Simple Harmonic Motion of a PendulumDrumheller, Doug2016-12
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Mechanics of the Escapement Driven PendulumJoseph, Steve2007-42
Middle Temperature ErrorBoettcher, David2017-110
MoreBigelow, Ned1998-227
More comments on QPrasil, Tony1993-38
More Observations of a Lifted Pendulum by John HaineHaine, John2010-423
More on Pendulum Drive by LiftingBigelow, Ned2005-222
More on Pendulums Driven Off Resonant FrequencyFritz, Norman1997-217
More on QBoucheron, Pierre1993-117
More on Support Losses and Surprises with a New Experimental RigHeldman, Alan2007-417
More Querys About QBateman, Doug1999-231
Moving Pendulum clocks from Rochester, NY to Green Valley, AZEdwards, Evan1993-27
Mr. Heldman?s Apparatus, QuantitativelyCleyet, Bernard2008-211
Muchless Electromagnetic Pendulum Drive CircuitBigelow, Ned1999-320
Mudge's Lunar GearWhite, Graham2005-415
Multi-variant Regression Analysis of Horological Data using RHolmstrom, Bob2019-128
Musings on a Longcase Mechanical ClockEvans, Paul C.2006-423
My Suitcase Model Foucault PendulumViglione, Dominic1997-12
New book - Pendulum by Baker and BlackburnHolmstrom, Bob2005-429
New Book - Woodward on TimeEvans, Paul C.2006-526
New Books: Betts - Marine Chronometers Greenwich + Frumer - Making TimeHolmstrom, Bob2018-112
New Horological Science Research Tool Available at NAWCC LibraryMueller-Maerki, Fortunat2001-414
New information on Invar in the NAWCC LIbraryMartt, Ernest1997-42
New material for pendulum rodsPayne, Michael1995-214
Nonlinearity as an essential component in the Modelling of the Assisted PendulumJ. B. Edwards2020-22
note from John EdwardsJ. B. Edwards2020-332
Note from Stuart Kelley re Motion of the Simple PendulumKelley, C. Stuart2013-130
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Old Atmos clock repairWale, Ted1999-14
Old brass mainsprings?Bigelow, Ned1999-14
Old but still interesting articles from the Horological JournalMatthys, Bob1997-114
On Camus? Teeth of WheelsWhite, Graham2006-23
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On the rules pertaining to the choice of suspension spring dimensions of a horological regulator by P. Le RollandLemieux, Marc-Andre2008-59
Online horological booksHolmstrom, Bob2007-330
Online resourcesHolmstrom, Bob2014-416
Online Resources of InterestHolmstrom, Bob2014-24
Open letter to the analysts and mathematicians in the Horological Science ChapterMatthys, Bob1998-410
Oscillator Stability MeasurementHobden, M.K.2013-52
Overview of Q relative to pendulum clocksEdwards, Evan1993-119
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Pendulum RodsMatthys, Bob1993-58
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Pendulum Simulation 2: Changing Length or GravityVan Baak, Tom2014-519
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Pendulum Support Loss Measured With a View to Optimal Design and Mounting ? Part 1Heldman, Alan2006-54
Pendulum Support Loss: Further Comments in View of Feedback Received (including the "Response" from Alan Emmerson in HSN 2007-1)Heldman, Alan2007-220
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Period of a Simple Pendulum is Not 2*pi*(L/g)^0.5Matthys, Bob2003-513
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Phase diagram for quartzMartt, Ernest1996-516
Phase Shifts in a Single-Coil, Sinusoidal, Pendulum Drive CircuitBigelow, Ned1999-414
Philip Woodward - ObituaryHolmstrom, Bob2018-16
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Photoelectronics for PendulumsMatthys, Bob2000-52
Pierre Boucheron, A dedication toMartt, Ernest1994-22
Pivot point, stresses, and moment of flexure pendulum supportBigelow, Ned1994-57
Position sensitivity along the pendulum rodMatthys, Bob1998-229
PostscriptJ. B. Edwards2020-430
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Power Flow in the Antikythera Mechanism - 2 page CorrectionWhite, Graham2003-123
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Pulleys on clocks: WhatHeldman, Alan1998-46
Putting Q To RestEdwards, Evan1998-52
Putting Q To RestWoodward, Philip1998-52
QThackery, Steve2012-231
QMichie, Neville2014-53
Q and balance controlled timekeepersBetts, Jonathan2012-429
Q and the ?Grand Mother? Clock continued (Part 2)Cleyet, Bernard2012-59
Q and the ?Grand Mother? Clock continued (Part 3)Cleyet, Bernard2014-112
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Q. How to determineBoucheron, Pierre1993-311
Q1Scolnik, Bill2010-32
Quality factor - The Practical ApproachBateman, Doug1994-33
Quantifying Temperature and Barometric Effects in Free Pendulum ClocksBelleville, Robert L.1999-32
Quartz Rod ExperienceHopkins, Paul1996-513
Quartz Tubing As Part of Temperature CompensationMatthys, Bob1996-59
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Random Disturbances and the Allan CoefficientFriedenthal, Ken1997-111
Re MTEBetts, Jonathan2017-227
Real Compound PendulumsMatthys, Bob2004-43
Recent experiments with a regulator clockEdwards, Evan1992-12
Recoil Escapement Modelling by State-TransitionJ. B. Edwards2020-412
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Regulating a Compound PendulumNorwood, V.T.2000-217
Regulating a Compound Pendulum, RevisitedTaylor, Snowden2001-13
Remote sensing device with electrical & timing machine outputWalker, Jerry1994-53
Renewal ? New ratesSpong, E. David2013-533
Renewal noticeHolmstrom, Bob2016-132
Reply to Alan EmmersonHoutman, Hubert2006-131
Reply to Alan HeldmanWoodward, Philip1999-227
Reply to John Haine and Andrew MilHobden, M.K.2017-15
Reply to Richard Whitehead (2001-4)Woodward, Philip2001-522
Request for a source of front-silvered mirrorsWale, Ted1998-46
Request for articlesHolmstrom, Bob2015-420
Request for biographiesHolmstrom, Bob2000-532
Request for CollaborationsJarvis, John2010-331
Request for information on driving a pendulum off its natural frequencyPrasil, Tony1992-11
Request for information on Long's EscapementHarold, Mike1992-21
Request for translation helpHolmstrom, Bob2000-434
Resonance in Spherical PendulumsHaine, John2009-113
Response from Peter HastingsHastings, Peter2013-37
Response to Alan EmmersonDrumheller, Doug2015-113
Response to Alan Heldman HSN 2013-1Betts, Jonathan2013-214
Response to Alan Heldman HSN 2013-1de Clercq, Peter2017-527
Response to Alan Heldman on Pendulum Support LossesEmmerson, Alan2007-126
Response to Alan Heldman's New Experiment, etc.Cleyet, Bernard2007-533
Response to Doug BatemanBetts, Jonathan2017-12
response to Emmerson re chaosHeldman, Alan1999-331
Response to Fasoldt Suspension QuestionEverman, Mike2010-220
Response to Hubert Houtman?s Temporal Analysis of PendulumsEmmerson, Alan2005-518
Response to John Haine (HSN 10-3) Thackery, Steve2010-422
Response to Mr K Johnson's Article: ?David Heskin?s Book - Perfecting the Harrison Single Pivot Grasshopper EscapementHeskin, David2011-320
Response to Seasonal Amplitude QuestionHeldman, Alan2009-239
Response to Thomas Frank about Feral ClLamoureux, Richard2021-126
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ReviewMatthys, Bob1995-410
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review of a booklet by an HSC member, Dr. David S. GoodmanMartt, Ernest1997-42
Review of a Modern Free (on-line) Book, Strongly RecommendedHeldman, Alan2007-424
Review of David Heskin's Sleeping in OblivionFergusson, Colin2008-526
review of Philip Woodward's new book, My Own Right TimeBigelow, Ned1996-13
Review of two important articles by Bryan Mumford in the November and December issues of the Horological Journal, the first is on Pendulums Interfere With Each Other (Nov.), the second is Experimental Electromagnetic Clocks.Martt, Ernest1999-12
Review: Mechanics of the Sandglass by AA Mills, W Day, S ParksMartt, Ernest1997-110
Rittenhouse Equation of Time MechanismHolmstrom, Bob2011-128
Robertson?s Bristol ClockHolmstrom, Bob2008-221
Rock the boatBigelow, Ned2000-325
Rock the boatHeldman, Alan2000-325
Rock the boatCain, Dallas2002-220
Rock the boatRozycki, Carl2002-220
Rock the boatHeldman, Alan2013-130
Rock the Boat - Can Experiments Add Some Useful Facts to the Q DebateHolmstrom, Bob1999-232
Rock the boat - Drag and inertia effects on pendulumsPook, Les P2004-323
Rock the boat - Gravity Compensation?Whitehead, Richard2001-418
Rock the boat - HumidityEmmerson, Alan2002-420
Rock the boat - Meccano ClocksPook, Les P2005-429
Rock the boat - The Shortt clock and a question of interferenceWoodward, Philip2004-224
Rock the Boat - Thoughts on Bob ShapeCasson, Henry2001-210
Rock the Boat - Two itemsOwen, Robert2001-29
Rock the Boat - Why Cross Out Wheels?Croce, Garlo G.2004-125
Rock the Boat AgainCain, Dallas2002-118
Rocking the Boat - Next Version of a Scientific Pendulum DriveCain, Dallas2012-134
Rocking the Boat - Re Circular Error compensationCain, Dallas2012-133
Rocking the Boat Response ?Electronic Measurement of Amplitude of Swing?Cain, Dallas2009-327
Rocking the Boat Response - Seasonal Amplitude VariationEmmerson, Alan2009-330
Rocking the boat: Circular ErrorCain, Dallas2009-240
Rolamite Suspension (comment)Bigelow, Ned1995-12
Roller SuspensionWoodward, Philip1994-52
RosterHolmstrom, Bob2001-211
Roster of members thru 1997Martt, Ernest1998-123
Salvaging Invar from Discarded CRTsWard, Bill2009-121
Satori Electric Clock DescriptionHolmstrom, Bob2001-121
Satori Quartz Pendulum Brochure TranslationCipra, Jim2001-118
Satori Quartz Pendulum Patent - Translation + photos + drawingCipra, Jim2001-115
Scaling the Size of a PendulumMatthys, Bob1995-13
Scaling the size of a pendulumIrving, Roger1995-213
Seasonal Tower Clock AmplitudeWard, Bill2009-122
Set of Brass SpringsBigelow, Ned2000-532
Short History of Pendulum Temperature CompensationMatthys, Bob2000-32
Should a pendulum rod be rigid of flexible?Feinstein, George1998-52
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Signal and NoiseBelleville, Robert L.2015-32
Silica Rod for a Seconds PendulumIrving, Roger2000-48
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Solid One-Piece Suspension SpringsMatthys, Bob1999-218
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Some Observations About Scientific Research & DiscoveriesSwetsky, Martin2001-313
Some Practical Properties of QuartzMatthys, Bob1997-29
Some Replies to Robert Matthys's QuestionsWoodward, Philip1998-514
Some thoughts on 'disturbances to pendulums'Haine, John2011-217
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State-Transition Modelling of the Grasshopper EscapementJ. B. Edwards2021-25
State-Transition Models for Simulating Nonlinear Horological and Related Systems: Two Case StudiesJ. B. Edwards2019-510
Still more on anomalous circular error in a compound pendulumBigelow, Ned1998-310
SummaryBetts, Jonathan1998-32
Summary by E. C. Martt of a paper on soil stability written by Raplph T. Berg, sent by Bob Matthys on Inertial Test Slab Stability StudyBerg, Ralph T.1998-411
Summary by E. C. Martt of a paper on soil stability written by Raplph T. Berg, sent by Bob Matthys on Inertial Test Slab Stability StudyMartt, Ernest1998-411
Sunk and SalvagedWoodward, Philip2005-428
Supplier for first surface mirrorsWard, Bill1999-13
Suspension Spring Stiffness and Pendulum MassEmmerson, Alan2008-417
Suspension spring without a formula in sightWoodward, Philip2001-46
Suspension system designed to provide isochronous motion of the pendulumEllison, Bill1994-54
Symmetric Hand PositionsKelley, C Stuart2015-12
Symposium detailsHolmstrom, Bob2004-12
Symposium detailsHolmstrom, Bob2004-22
Symposium detailsHolmstrom, Bob2004-32
Symposium detailsHolmstrom, Bob2004-52
Symposium in HoustonHolmstrom, Bob2005-429
Symposium scheduleHolmstrom, Bob2004-42
Synchronous Oscillations of Asymmetric Coupled Pendulums Haine, John2010-56
Technical data for fused silicaMartt, Ernest1996-517
Technical Data Index For Fused Silica and ULEMartt, Ernest1996-515
Temperature Compensation of a Replica of John Harrison?s First Sea ClockDrumheller, Doug2017-22
Temporal Analysis of PendulumsHoutman, Hubert2005-43
Tesla's Electrolytic clock - information found byO'Brian, Ed2004-316
Text correction for Antikythera Revisited.White, Graham2008-230
The Accuracy of Precision Pendulum Clocks - A budding discussion in ?Mitteilungen, Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chronometie?Novak, Karl2006-428
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The Design of Elliptical PendulumsHoutman, Hubert2005-22
The Direction of the Wood Grain in Harrison's PallatsCasson, Henry2011-422
The Elliptical Pendulum and a TheoremEmmerson, Alan2006-29
The Fallacy About Random ErrorsHeldman, Alan2005-212
The Harrison Hill Test ? Part 1Hobden, M.K.2012-512
The Harrison Hill Test ? Part 2Hobden, M.K.2013-12
The Harrison Hill Test ? Part 3Hobden, M.K.2013-419
The Harrison Hill Test ? Part 4Hobden, M.K.2014-12
The Harrison Hill Test ? Part 5Hobden, M.K.2015-210
The HSN and BHM website is moving!Holmstrom, Bob2021-424
The Influence of Non-linearity on Oscillator Noise for Microwave SynthesisHobden, M.K.2012-413
The Longitude Examin?d By ?Jeremy Thacker? or Dr. John Arbuthnot?Ward, Bill2013-412
The Mass Response, Analytical Analyzed, of a Sinusoidally Driven Linearly Damped Harmonic OscillatorCleyet, Bernard2012-418
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The Pendulum ? A Book reviewHeckenberg, N.R.2006-321
The RAS Grasshopper Wale, Ted2011-323
The Robertson RegulatorHaine, John2021-52
The Shortt Clock and a Question of InterferenceMiles, Bob2005-426
The Single Coil Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Escapement (Part 1)Yates, Philip2016-59
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The state of HSNHolmstrom, Bob2019-12
The Tangent Rule in PracticeCima, Pepi2020-221
The Technology of the Precision Clock Used as a Clockmaker?s RegulatorNovak, Karl2006-220
The Unilateral Twin Pivot Grasshopper EscapementHeskin, David2014-19
Theoretical Analysis of Period Errors in the Fedchenko PendulumPook, Les P2004-13
Theory of the Verge & Foliot Clock of the Early Medieval AgeRoess, Dieter2018-22
Thermal Compensation of Pendulum Clocks - A Reference ListHolmstrom, Bob2000-322
Things Are Seldom What They Seem - Christiaan Huygens, The Pendulum and the CycloidEmmerson, Alan2005-12
Thoughts on cross flex suspensionsHarold, Mike1992-27
Thoughts on pendulum stiffness.Payne, Michael1999-13
Thoughts on Reading Tom van Baak?s Paper "Pendulum Accuracy"Heldman, Alan2015-320
Thoughts on The Square Root LawHeldman, Alan2000-530
Thoughts on Torsional PendulumsPayne, Michael1995-312
Tick vs Tock (request for survey)Prasil, Tony1995-212
Tidal Effects on Pendulums at Various LatitudesBelleville, Robert L.2015-221
Time ComparatorPrasil, Tony1993-25
Tomlinson electrostatically maintained pendulumBateman, Doug1995-23
Transient Temperature CompensationBigelow, Ned1997-116
Transient temperature compensationBateman, Doug1997-217
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Two-year performance of EvanEdwardsEdwards, Evan2002-314
Type Identification of Epicyclic Fixed-Center Astronomical GearsWhite, Graham2013-42
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Ultimate Electro-Magnetic Drive for a Clock PendulumCain, Dallas1998-22
Ultimate pendulum: Higher Q or Better Drive?Cain, Dallas1995-111
Understanding Hybrid Quartz / Pendulum ClocksVan Baak, Tom2012-120
unpublished article by John Early Jackson on Analytic Treatment of Effect of Support Movement on Frequency of a Pendulum.Feinstein, George1997-15
Update to Chapter NotesHolmstrom, Bob2017-429
Update to index informationFritz, Norman2004-125
Useful Tool for Horological ModelingHolmstrom, Bob1999-118
Using changes in escapement error to offset changes in circular errorEdwards, Evan1994-319
Velocity-Dependent Electromagnetic Maintaining System For Use In High-Precision Pendulum ClocksBaxendall, Peter J.1996-33
Venture Into the Turbulent Waters of Chaos Theory as it Pertains to Pendulums.Heldman, Alan1999-122
Verge & Foliot Escapement ExperimentsHolmstrom, Bob2020-18
Visual Display of Quantitative InformationHeldman, Alan2000-416
W5 CDHolmstrom, Bob2004-224
W5 Construction Details - CorrectionsHolmstrom, Bob2003-418
W5 Construction Details - CorrectionsHolmstrom, Bob2003-514
W5 Construction Details - Part 1Holmstrom, Bob2002-52
W5 Construction Details - Part 2Holmstrom, Bob2003-115
W5 Construction Details - Part 3Holmstrom, Bob2003-29
W5 Construction Details - Part 4Holmstrom, Bob2003-311
W5 Escapement ModelWale, Ted2003-122
W5 Maintaining Work updateHolmstrom, Bob2004-125
Water Clock BibliographyUber, Gordon2001-315
Water Pendulum commentsWoodward, Philip1999-232
Westinghouse Miniaturized Atomic ClockMartt, Ernest1995-49
What Changes When Gravity Changes (Tides, part 4)Van Baak, Tom2009-521
What I?ve been up toBelleville, Robert L.2006-311
What is the Best Way to Predict Future Performance of a Pendulum ClockHeldman, Alan2000-417
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