[S-2006-04-10-Lon] Important Clocks, Watches, Wristwatches and Mechanical Music :: Number of documents found: 9

(9594) Highly complicated Astronomical Register with an early form of Earnshaw Spring Detent Escapement

(9604) Good Petite Sonnerie Repeating Carriage Clock with Alarm, Breguet No. 3308, Paris ca. 1900

(9602) Fine Ormolu Quarter Striking Tabel Regulator with Calendar, by Jean-Joseph Lepaute, Paris, late 18th Century
    Comments and/or Abstract > arched plates, pinwheel escapement on the backplate, outside countwheel striking on two bells, ghridiron pendulum on replaced knife-edge suspension, 38cm, estimate 35-45'000 UKP

(9603) Magnificant carved Walnut Automaton Organ Clock, by Jan Christofel Sauer, Amsterdam ca. 1770
    Comments and/or Abstract > with painted moon disc in arch, calendar aperature under moon, painted suround with Apollo indicating tunes 1 to 10 with articulated arm. Two train fusee clock movement with 5 pillars, pivoted verge escapement, Dutch striking on two bells. Massive weight driven organ muvement with 12 inch wide 8 inch diameter pinned wood barel, with 16 keys for music , plus one for indicator, bellows below, 48 wood pipes. Waised wood case with carved flowers, ogee plinth and bun feet. Esitimate 40-60'000 UKP

(9596) Thomas Tompion No. 133: A very rare early Ebony Grande Sonnerie repeating tabel clock, ca.1688/90
    Author: Tompion, Thomas :: 60 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 40
    Comments and/or Abstract > Auction cat has 2 page of notes by Jeremy Evans. The arliest known three train grand sonnerie by Tompion. Three train fusee movement, seven pillars, verge escapement, striking all four quarters on 3 bells, and striking the hoiur at every quarter on a further bell. Numberd 133 (defaced), reinstated (2001)rise and fall regulation, 36 cm high, estimate 250-300'000 UKP

(9597) Small ebony Quarter Repeating Tabel Clock, Joseph Knibb, London ca. 1685
    Author: Knibb Joseph :: 66 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 46
    Comments and/or Abstract > 5 3/4 inch signed dial, with Cherub spandrels,altered hour hand, strike/no strike above XII, six ring turned knobed and latched pillars, verge escapement, altered backcock and apron, entire strike train except barrel replaced, engraved back plat, guilded casemounts, later block feet, 305mm, estimate 14-18'000 UKP

(9600) Malachite Mounted engraved gilt-brass miniature carriage timepiece with royal provenance by James Ferguson Cole ca.1845
    Comments and/or Abstract > interior inscribed with Royal Crown and Monogram "Bequeathed toAugusta Geogina Frederica Fitz Clarance, my dearest Child Booy, Adelaide R 1849; INA 1855; This clock was giver by Mary Duchess of Gloucester to Queen Adelaide and allways used till her death, December 2nd 1849, \" with original fitted leather case

(9601) Rare gilt-bras bon-bon dish timepiece No. 764-12 attributed to Thomas Cole, London ca. 18503
    Comments and/or Abstract >

(9595) Walnut Marquetry Longcase Clock, Joseph Windmills, London, ca. 1700
    Author: Windmills Joseph :: 80 Year Vol (No) Month (or Chapter/Auction item): :: Pages: 53
    Comments and/or Abstract > case and movement associated